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Silly Historical Figures

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Silly Historical Figures

Historical figures are well known for things they did and for the legacies they left behind them. As time pass, people start to forget who this people really are, and remembers them just by their deeds. This photos will help you to imagine them as regular people who they actually were.

Tsar Nicholas II and another royal friend playing airplane, 1890.

Albert Einstein holding a puppet Albert Einstein. Photo by Harry Burnett, 1931.

Joseph Stalin making a face at his bodyguard. Photo by Lt. Gen. Nikolai Vlasik, 1930.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor jumping in their sock feet. Photo by Philippe Halsman, 1959.

Richard Nixon taking his own leap. Photo by Philippe Halsman, 1959.

Franklin D. Roosevelt pulling his cousin’s hair, 1910.

Steve Jobs giving IBM the finger in 1983. Photo by Jean Pigozzi.

Nancy Reagan sitting on Mr. T’s lap (and kissing his head!)

And Ronald Reagan himself, all ears.

And just because he’s the silliest serious fellow we know, Albert Einstein again, this time rocking some plush fuzzy slippers, 1950.


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